What We Do

Waste Management is a major environmental challenge. Most of us are unable to manage our own waste causing not only visual pollution but a breeding ground for diseases causing ill health to us and the society at large. Disposing of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner is crucial to your business as well as mankind. Most often we are not aware about where our waste is carried to or how it is treated. We at BAVISH decided to bridge the gap by doing our bit to solve the problem. Through a systematic, environmentally friendly approach, we have been providing and assisting in waste management solutions since last 19 years in Goa.

  • Collection

    We collect Dry waste from 160 Village Panchayats and over 460 schools covering the entire state of Goa. We also collect waste from homes and commercial establishments. Food waste or wet waste is handled after understanding the volume and the logistics involved.

  • Segregation

    Detail Segregation of waste is our strength. Segregation of waste is the backbone of sustainability and we have been spending a lot of our resources towards awareness and also 100% implementation of the same. Hence we can confidently state that we are a ZERO burning and ZERO landfill company.

  • Recycling

    Reuse, Recycle and Waste to Alternate Power is the destination of 90% of our waste collected. We are the official partners for the Swedish company Tetra Pak for collection of all Tetra Pak waste generated in the State Of Goa. A detailed report of all recyclables will be uploaded on our blog shortly.


Our Goals

  • To educate and create awareness, the importance of proper segregation at source

  • Creat a recycling station for educating our students of the importance of recycling

  • To provide solutions to corporates to use their budgets of CSR towards Green and better tomorrow

  • Assisting the Government, in finding scientific solutions to handle non recyclable waste

  • To create a collection hub for quality segregated waste

Green Hero Award by The American Consulate and TERI

Together we can make the earth green again. Together we can make a difference.

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