"As per Article 51A-(g) of the Indian Constitution"

It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect the natural environment including Forests, Lakes, Rivers And Wildlife and to have compassion for living creatures

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Established in 2011 by Mr. Baylon Gomes, Bavish Waste Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading waste management company in Goa. We specialize in eco-friendly solutions and cost-effective services, including waste collection, detailed segregation, recycling, and disposal. Serving 160 Village Panchayats, 460+ schools, and collaborating with notable entities like Taj Hotels and Tetra Pak, we aim to promote a clean and healthy environment. Proudly a ZERO garbage burning and ZERO landfill company, Bavish is dedicated to fostering sustainable waste practices.

What is Bavish?

To continue our ECOPRENEURSHIP, in 2011 BAVISH was born to formally undertake the good work, a family venture, a contribution to the future of our children (born of the Hindi word: Bhavishya for future). Bavish began strategic partnerships with Greenfield companies like Tetra Pak, Ganesha Ecosphere and Eparisaraa and Nepra. Besides our involvement with schools and institutions with regards to waste management, we are the dry waste collection partners for the State Government of Goa, working directly under the State Waste Management Corporation and the Pollution Control Board.

Our mission

Giving back to nature and community. Move up through global alliances and accomplish our vision by inspiring every human being to contribute to protect mother nature.

Our vision

To Cherish, Respect and Protect mother nature in all ways and means. To continuously work towards betterment of mankind through waste management and recycling.

Our team

Sneha Tari

Velma Timotio

Nigel Fernandes

Bryan Desa

Kshama Chodankar

Runita Gawde

Pramila Kerkar

Ageema Cardozo

Vitorin Dias

Anthony Carvalho

Umesh Chandelier

Jummadin Miyan

Reshmlal Kumar

Raju Pammar

Vallento Souza

Sainath Naik

Intiyan Miyan

Franciso Soares

Pappu Ram

Jayprakash Mahto

Heeralal Saket

Gayaprasad Saket

Bhupendra Gond

Amit Khojwara

Shridhari Kol

Baramdin Saket

Gurunath Pammar

Chetan Lamani

Manish Kumar

Kamlabai Lamani

Kamlavva Harijan

Laxmibai Madar

Gawrawwa Naikodi

Laxmi Lamani

Gangawa Nayakwadi

Balawwa Madar

Vinod Saket

Dipendra Kushwaha

Ramesh Kewat

Ram Prasad Panika

Rampal Singh

Rahul Singh


Vinod Panika

Renavva Talawar

Ningamma Goudar

Shri Niwas Namdev

Ritesh Singh

Our Segregation and recyling centre

Our Clients

Our Responsibility

Disposal of waste in an environment-friendly manner is crucial. We can help. We assess and provide the right recycling and disposal solution after segregation at source. We have to try to work in the larger interest of humanity. So it makes sense to nurture our natural resources. This is our passport to a better future. If you agree with us let's start by GIVING.

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